More Areas of Expertise


Ever wanted your business to be listed at the German Stock Exchange on the Open Market? Now you can. With St Matthew’s help we can provide independence from traditional bank financing, we can get your business fast and unbureaucratic access to the global capital markets. 
  • Fastest, most cost efficient access to worldwide capital markets with very little regulatory requirements
  • Very few formal requirements. 
  • Minimal transparency requirements before and after the IPO


Do you have a significant amount of debt (more than €250,000)? Are you an EU citizen? Are you considering filing for bankruptcy in your home country? Then use the UK’s St Matthew’s 18 Month Fast Track Bankruptcy Service, which will leave you debt free after just 18 months. 
  • Open to EU citizens wit more than €250,000 in debt.
  • Comprehensive support before, during and after the bankruptcy proceedings in the UK.
  • 100% success rate to date.


Are you a non-UK individual residing outside the UK? Do you wish to avoid paying taxes on your overseas income, income which is not “remitted” to the UK? Then call St Matthew’s Tax advice team today for your consultation on Non-Domiciled Tax regulations. A stronger move to the UK can be worthwhile for you if you:
  • Earn a lot of money from investments or own shares in a company
  • If you own your own company
  • Or you are anticipating a move to the UK


Are a non-UK company and want to import goods or services into the UK? Do you have a great deal of knowledge regarding Value Added Tax (VAT)? If your answer is no, then let St Matthew’s professional and specialised team supply you with the priceless knowledgeable, trustworthy, professional advice on Value Added Tax in the UK.
  • The use of our consultancy to confirm if VAT registration makes sense for you. Together we will analyse your particular situation.
  • Register for VAT yourself and, if necessary we will introduce you to a VAT


St Matthew’s can provide you with professional and structured advice on the positives and negatives of offshore solutions. Since the financial crisis began in 2007 OECD governments are eager to stop tax avoidance and evasion as they are desperate for your money. You can still use offshore companies - but you need to know how.
  • Personal Service Company
  • Asset Protection Company
  • Holding Company