A passionate baker finds Gold in London

Bernd is a German baker. He came to London two years ago, where he opened the first fully organic German bakery that can be found in London. No chemicals and genetically modified ingredients are used for all of the products Bernd creates.

Bernd and his passion

When one speaks to Bernd it doesn’t take long to realise that being an organic baker is his passion.  One needs to bear in mind that being a baker is a really tough job. It is hard work, time consuming and requires a lot of love and passion for the craft. Bernd definitely meets all of these criteria.

The bakery

On the back of Bernd’s bakery store there is a wonderfully traditional bakery, where the bread, cookies, biscuits and all other tasty baking products are made. This is not an industrial factory production; it’s the real deal!  Bernd starts work in his bakery at three in the morning, at first he prepares the dough and then bakes it in the oven until the store opens at seven in the morning.

The origins of Bernd's passion

Considering Bernd’s passion, one may be surprised by the answer given when he is asked why he has gone into the organic bakery business. Bernd will tell you that he used to want to be a footballer, dreamed of becoming the next Klinsmann (the top German footballer of the late 80s). However, his family was quite traditional and wanted him to do ‘a proper job’. His father was a baker himself, and hence brought forward the idea that Bernd should try to become a baker as well.

Bernd agreed to at least to try do an apprenticeship at a local bakery in Paderborn, Germany. To his own surprise he realised that, on an elevated level, he thoroughly enjoyed himself!

Choosing London

Bernd met his English wife of five years, Rosie, during her teaching studies in Germany. However, it was always clear from the outset that Rosie would want to go back to the UK at some point. They recognised that the bakery profession is useful in any major town and decided to go for it in London.

Setting up the business

Bernd and Rosie put all of their savings and a small inheritance into opening a shop with a bakery near the ‘City’, the financial centre of London. From seven in the morning onwards business people from the city come to the bakery shop to have breakfast and lunch, to pick up snacks for the office or have a coffee with biscuits and cookies. Furthermore, Bernd provides direct catering preparation for corporate meetings including everything from sandwiches to coffees and cookies freshly made that very morning.

Finding St Matthew eAccounting

When it comes to baking, Bernd approaches business from quite a manual-labour perspective. Although he is a very smart gentleman, he simply doesn’t want to have to deal with accounts or be stuck in an office as he finds much more satisfaction from working in the bakery. Rosie helps in the bakery as well but has never run a business, so they lsearched for a solution online and found St Matthew eAccounting’s website. They saw that St Matthew eAccounting has a lot of German speaking clients who have started a business in London. Bernd contacted us and we set up a solution for him, which included all of the financial aspects that had to be considered as well as the bakery business.

How we help Bernd

Bernd has some small investments in Germany. He is therefore, in terms of interests on his foreign earnings, registered as a Non-Dom in the UK. Bernd has eleven employees, for which St Matthew eAccounting does the payroll on a monthly basis as well as both Bernd and Rosie’s personal income tax. We deal with their tax returns and advise him on aspects of general business strategies.

How is Bernd doing now?

Bernd never regretted coming to London. In many ways, he has hit gold, both in the business and the personal sense. The bakery is doing well with a turnover of 25k a year and a passionate, hands-on, traditional and caring baker, who has all the support he needs in order to do what he loves but at the same time run a business.