Company Restoration

The cancellation of a limited company by an Official Authority can be for a variety of reasons. Missing annual returns and a failure to submit accounts and balance sheets are the 2 most common. Don't panic or worry. Let St Matthew revive your company. 

Fee: £1,500 plus some third party costs (see below)


What happens if your company is unintentionally removed or deleted?

The Registrar of Companies has the power to delete a company from its register if the public registration obligations are not fulfilled or if for any reason they feel  the company is being non-compliant or inappropriate. 

If your company was removed or deleted, you can apply for a restoration.  However, this application must come from a company official.

We look after all of the formalities relating to the restoration of your company, and we will get in contact with both the courts and Companies House on your behalf.  We will also create, send and respond to all documentation, as well as manage all correspondence. We will make sure that your company is restored as soon as possible.

Our company restoration service

The restoration of a limited company is both legally complex and a time-consuming process:

  • We will require a witness statement and will submit this for affirmation and assignment to the Company Official.
  • As soon as we get these documents signed, we will then forward these to the Treasury Solicitor and to the Registrar of Companies.
  • We will explain and discuss the required documents/evidence, which will also have to be shown to the Company Registrar. These documents need to be completed before the hearing.
  • Let us do for you the preparation of the necessary evidence and the admission of the permission instruction by the Treasury Solicitor. Afterwards we will send the documents (for re-registration) to Companies House.

Needless to say we will keep you updated on events throughout the process. 

What we will need from you

  • All information and documents about your limited company.
  • Information relevant to the company's removal and any information regarding your attempts to reinstate the company. 
  • All information about  the assets owned by the company
  • Signed 64-8 form, that we can represent you at the UK financial authorities (if necessary)

Processing time

In our experience the process takes about 3 months but we cannot give any guarantees regarding both duration of the process or the success of the outcome. Critical factors include the company's past and present circumstances. Are there any late payment issues? Or debts against the company? How long has it been since the company was removed? Responses to these questions will impact on the decision.  

Please keep in mind that we will start to work for you only when we have received your payments and your documents.

Fees and additional costs

Our basic fees for company restoration services are £1,500.  Additionally we will charge you for Court and Registrar services, such as:

  • Legal costs for the output of the claim form (at the moment £130).
  • The Treasury Solicitor usually costs £300.  But this fee may increase if the restoration is very complex or if there are any delays due to missing documents prior to Court hearings.
  • Usually, the Registrar charges penalties for any reports not submitted within the deadline period up until the company is fully closed down.
  • If the registration office of your company is at the time of the close-down in Lancashire or Cornwall, there is an additional fee of £125 which needs to be paid to the Dukedom of Lancashire or Cornwall.