Advice on EU Cross Border VAT Issues

If you are a non-UK company and want to import goods or services into the UK, you will need people who are completely knowledgeable about Value Added Tax (VAT) in the UK and throughout Europe.  In international trade particularly, it can be quite complex, with varying interpretations of the existing tax laws.

Fee: £200 for a one hour telephone consultation with our professionals, scheduled within one week


Make your company fit for VAT

The cross-border calculation and billing of VAT/MWST in the EU is highly complex.  As an example, the calculations can vary depending on the business location, the activities and the turnover.  Furthermore, it does not matter if the final customer is VAT registered or not.

An example:

One of our clients, a German assembly company with an annual turnover of more than 300 million, introduced assembly services in the UK. The company has made more than 3 million in turnover since, which exceeds the relevant VAT limit.

Bearing in mind that VAT procedures are dependent on each company’s clientele, each business situation can call for a different VAT interpretation.

St. Matthew analysed the situation and explained the different possibilities to the assembly company.

The following solution was implemented:

As the place of performance was in the UK, and the clients of the assembly company were VAT registered, the Reverse-Charge process was feasible.  In this case the clients of the company will take the 'VAT-load'.

Because of the different VAT possibilities, it makes sense to have professionals available who can evaluate different situations, and who can find the best solutions for you.

Eliminate VAT problems

In the case of the assembly company, we discovered that they had in the past earned a taxable income from a European sub-company, making VAT registration necessary. Our support ensured quick and uncomplicated processing. 

We are completely honest; VAT can be a complicated matter, as there are numerous exceptions and options that even UK companies find difficult.  How can a company from outside the UK understand it completely?

For every VAT related query, we view these as an exciting challenge. We can turn these problems into tailored solutions that improve your business performance.

Do you plan to take international action from your UK base? Then you will need proper VAT documentation and people who are professionals in European Union VAT efficient solutions.

Our wide range of services and our in-depth know-how

Rely on our competence:

  • Use our consultancy to confirm if VAT registration makes sense for you. Together we will analyse your particular situation.
  • Register for VAT yourself and, if necessary we will introduce you to a VAT agent.
  • Let us do all VAT handling and deal with communications with UK authorities.
  • Learn about VAT hints and tips.
  • Transfer responsibility to us. VAT accounting, VAT returns and if necessary, the Pan-European Goods Registration Intrastat.
  • If VAT is no longer necessary for you, we can handle all de-registration details.

With the right partner on your side, VAT need not cost you time, stress or money.