Global Business Strategies

Our firm has specialised in helping international entrepreneurs and corporations to make their UK business expansion a success. We offer many 'out of the box' solutions that can be customised according to your needs. They come with everything you will need, to start operating a UK business.
  • Multilingual Team -We have a diverse team of native English, German, French, Spanish and Italian speakers.
  • UK support for all aspects of your business.

Are you looking to expand your business to the United States but don’t know the “ins and outs” of selling and trading “across the pond”? Then through our office in Miami St Matthew’s will help you to expand to the US. We can provide you with all services to help you expand and make your business flourish in the Land of Dreams.
  • Setting up US corporations and LLC's and domiciliation of these corporations
  • Virtual office services, tax and legal advice and bank accounts & merchant accounts for card processing
  • Financing, business consulting and bookkeeping and accounting.

St Matthew’s will help you move parts of your business overseas to save on Tax. In today’s World, you don’t need to be a huge Global player to do Global business. You can save a significant amount on your corporation and other taxes if you were to move parts of your business to another country.
  • Save your businesses income by moving parts of the company to another country
  • Build a reputation for your business in many different countries while saving.

St Matthew’s can offer you advice on four great locations abroad to relocate your business. If you feel you are paying too much of your businesses income to the UK Taxman then you will be thinking about moving your business abroad to save your money. Seek professional advice from St Matthew’s excellent specialised team.
  • We can offer advice on four fantastic locations – UK, Malta, Switzerland and The Bahamas
  • We can offer advice on Tax related issues
  • We have local, reliable partners who work with international clients every day.