Jump Start Your New Venture in London

If you are an experienced entrepreneur, about to start on a new and exciting venture, there are few places in Europe or even the world that can match the attraction of London as a business location. The main advantages that London and the UK in general have to offer are:

  • A relatively business friendly tax regime and pro-business climate
  • Simple steps to easily set up or even close down a business
  • Many methods of ensuring legal tax optimisation
  • Recognition around the world
  • Good infrastructure and with easy access

At St Matthew we know what the entrepreneur needs. Our firm is focused on helping international clients to set up shop in the UK.

We have several 'packaged' solutions that are fully tailored to suit every business. These solutions will be customised to your needs and will instil guidelines on how to successfully set up and run a business in the UK, giving you the peace of mind you are looking for.

Solutions range from nominee director services to protect your privacy to VAT registrations and bookkeeping services and much much more.

It doesn't just stop with UK based services. By combining a UK business with other solutions like offshore companies (where possible) we will make sure that you will have lasting tax efficient structures from the start.