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It’s less stress working with a family firm, jobseekers told

Job seekers should head for family-run firms for work as they have a better reputation for looking after employees and having a more passionate and creative working environment, according to a new study.

Having a job with a family firm is less stressful and more flexible than working for other firms, says research by Warwick Business School for insurance company More Than. Stephen Roper, a professor at Warwick Business School, said: “Family businesses remain the life blood of the British economy and this study proves how much confidence they are injecting into the market place. 

“Family businesses are well placed to benefit from the brain drain going on in big businesses, with many talented employees searching out positions that offer family-friendly working environments.”

The report also reveals that family firms count for 3 million of the UK’s 4.6 million private companies and about 65% of all businesses.

Mike Bowman, of More Than Business, said: “While big businesses continue to shed jobs and suffer a crisis in confidence, family-owned businesses are likely to enjoy a surge in interest from job seekers at the moment. 

“Lots of employees have been burnt during the recession and are seeking out jobs that offer a genuine team environment”

In a separate initiative, small businesses can now bid for funding to for projects aimed at improving the health and welfare of employees – with priority to those that improve mental well-being.

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has £4m available until March 2011 to help pay for the projects.

To qualify, businesses must have less that 250 employees and traded for at least two years. Awards will be between £1,000 and £50,000 a year. 

DWP minister Lord McKenzie said: “We are working with employers to provide the necessary support to help workers remain happy and healthy in their job. This fund will improve conditions in the workplace and will help to prevent workers taking time off sick.

“We are looking for innovative and exciting ideas to improve the health and welfare of employees in the workplace. These can include projects to reduce stress, improve a work-life balance or provide healthy activities.”


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