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Entrepreneurs will lead UK out of recession, says survey

A survey in to public attitudes about entrepreneurs has thrown up some astonishing results.

People interviewed believe that entrepreneurs have a better chance of hauling the UK economy out of recession than the government or trade unions – with 28% voting for all businesses and 13% for large businesses, 24% for the government and just 3% for the unions. They also say:

    * The government should fund start-ups rather than failing businesses (47%)

    * Entrepreneurs should receive extra tax breaks (34%)

    * All public sector workers should have a salary and pensions cap, including those in majority state owned organisations like banks (48%)

Brian Chernett, Founder of The Entrepreneurs Board, the group that carried out the survey, said: "Entrepreneurs are vital to recovery in the UK and the public understands this. We should do everything possible to help entrepreneurs make their businesses more successful, whether it's tax cuts or providing business support and guidance. 

“The Entrepreneurs Board is an extension of proven leadership programmes that help leaders learn from each other. Experiential business learning helps business owners learn by 'doing' and inspires them to achieve their ultimate dreams while creating economic value for the country."

The Entrepreneurs Board survey also revealed people feel entrepreneurs have ambition, are hard‐working and considered risk‐takers who have positive qualities that make creative leaders.

Almost half of people interviewed (46%) felt entrepreneurs who grew up

in poorer families make good entrepreneurs.

Working in another entrepreneurial business is considered a good background for starting a business (44%), while accountancy or law qualifications were dismissed as qualifications for starting a business (19%). 

Business experience is rated better (44%) than education and academic qualifications (32%).

The survey also revealed 38% of people plan to run their own business if they can, giving the reasons as flexible working (45%); challenge (44%); more money (38%); having a business idea (25%) or doing better than the competition (20%).


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