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New Labour Leader Supports Taxing Middle Classes More Heavily

We were all keen to hear who the new Labour leader would be. Many thought that one of the Miliband brothers would get the job, but while most thought it would be David who got the top job, it turned out to be Ed who won through.

This has led to many concerns coming forth over Ed Miliband’s views. He has recently announced that he would fully support tax rises for the middle classes, leaving many people worrying about the potential influence he now has.

I think many people were expecting David Miliband to get through to the leadership position. But perhaps the bigger shock was not that his brother Ed won through, but that he had such Left-wing tendencies and ambitions in place when he did.

I will be interested to see where Labour now stands as a result of Mr Miliband taking on the job of leader. His opinions of tax increases are not going to be popular, and they are very unlikely to get Labour back into power again at any point. No one enjoys tax rises but the middle income voters will feel particularly vulnerable given his comments made just a short time into his new job.

There have been plenty of comments regarding what Ed Miliband had to say and I have read them all with interest. I feel that taxes will always be a sticky area where the government – or the opposition – will not please everyone with their moves, rules and opinions. But perhaps Labour is heading back down old paths once again.

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