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Easy to Follow Online Demonstration Available to Make Corporation Tax Clearer to Understand

As someone who deals in tax matters every day of the week, I often come into contact with people who are struggling to get to grips with how Corporation Tax is calculated and worked out.

Here at St Matthew we often help people understand their liabilities when it comes to Corporation Tax, but we also point them towards a good resource for helping to make things easier to understand.

This can be found on the HMRC website. It is basically a walk through you can follow step by step to see how it works. It tells you all about the online method of filing, and even if you don’t do this yourself it pays to read through the step by step guide. It has been very nicely put together and it also has screenshots of how part of the process works, so you can see what to expect.

Very often the worries and concerns people have about Corporation Tax stem from having little to no knowledge of it. I have found that once people go through this online demonstration they start to grasp the tax method much more easily. Of course we are still here to offer advice and support about all tax issues and questions, but if you are eligible to pay Corporation Tax it is nice to have a resource you can access yourself.

I think the online demonstrator is particularly worthwhile for those people who are new to the area of Corporation Tax. But whether you currently own a business that is liable for this tax or not, the experts here at St Matthew can answer all the questions you have on the topic.




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