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Little News Forthcoming on Non Dom Plans of Government

I have been watching the progress of the coalition government very closely in the months since they came to power after the General Election. Many ideas and policies have been mooted and brought to the attention of a curious public.

But there has been one issue that has remained firmly in the background, at least as far as we have been led to believe. This is the issue of non doms and what will happen with regard to the taxes they do (or do not) pay.

It is quite right and proper in my opinion to focus most of their energies on reducing the huge deficit the country now has. This is necessary if we are to emerge as a solid and competitive country once again.

But has the issue of non doms been completely brushed aside, or are there discussions going on about the matter to which we are not yet privy?

There has certainly been precious little information released or talked about with regard to non doms. The coalition government stated early on in the proceedings that it would tackle tax avoidance, and it would also review the situation with regard to non domiciled individuals. But apart from this sketchy and brief statement, nothing has yet been done.

No doubt non doms will be quite happy to wait a bit longer before anything is potentially done. But I am curious to know when we can expect some kind of announcement on the matter from the government. My instincts say it could be quite a while.

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