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Companies are Looking Up in the UK

There is no doubt that Britain is still trying to pick itself back up after the recession. But as companies provided news of their latest results at the end of August, it was clear that things were starting to get better.

Many companies posted results that pointed to better trading having taken place over the last few months. Some of the companies that posted good results include Savills, the estate agents; Diageo, the drinks company, and William Hill, the high street bookmaker.

There have been mixed reviews of the results in some quarters however. Some people have said the good results are pointing towards a strengthening recovery. I have read reports in recent weeks suggesting that a double dip recession could be on the cards. But these results seem to point to a different and altogether much better outcome. Other people have been more sceptical of the overall picture, but it remains to be seen how business progresses from this point on.

I do feel encouraged to see better results from a wide variety of companies however. The good and diverse mix of promising company results means that the recovery is taking place in all business sectors rather than just a few of them. We can only hope that companies continue to do well as we move into the final third of the calendar year. Christmas will be on the cards soon as businesses aim to reap the rewards of the festive season, so perhaps we can look forward to even better figures to come.

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