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NHS Restructuring Faces Strong Opposition from Labour

Whenever any sitting government decides to take action on a topic – whether it is the NHS or anything else – it is almost the role of the opposition party to oppose it.

This is why I was not surprised to hear that the Labour party intends to strongly oppose the measures the coalition government is putting together to reform and restructure the NHS.

The Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham has been talking tough over his intention to oppose the plans, which he has called “madcap”. The government plans to make big changes to the NHS in an effort to make it more streamlined and better for patients. But the Shadow Health Secretary claims the changes would be a bad deal and would not improve the system in place now. Instead, he says, they would “unpick the very fabric of the NHS”.

I think we have to bear in mind that whatever party is in charge and whatever party is in opposition, they will never agree on what is best for the NHS. It is obvious that one party will always be disagreeing with the plans of the other, even if some of them were taken on by the other party originally. I only hope this disagreement does not stand in the way of the push to try and improve the NHS for us all.

However this is more than a minor or run of the mill disagreement. Mr Burnham has been talking tough over his opposition to the potential changes, so it will be interesting to see whether he follows through on his words.

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