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Lord Ashcroft Gives Up his Role as Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party

Lord Ashcroft never seems to be very far from the news. But while a recent BBC programme about him seems to have bitten the dust without being shown, he has still grabbed headlines recently for quitting the Tory party.

He has been the largest single donor for the party as well as taking on the role of Deputy Chairman. But now he is leaving his role and his comments regarding the election result leave little to the imagination with regard to his disappointment at not winning outright with a huge majority.

Lord Ashcroft gave up his non dom status a few short months ago. It remains unclear as to what he will do next, but since he is worth a considerably large amount of money I suspect he won’t jump straight into anything else.

I will be interested to see how the Tory party continues from here. If they lose Lord Ashcroft as a donor it will affect their finances. They will also have a significant role to fill within the party. This is now said to have been filled by Michael Fallon, who served in a former government under Sir John Major.

I will be watching closely to see how Mr Fallon gets on in the role; he may well garner less controversy than the outgoing Lord Ashcroft, but whether this will be a good thing or not remains to be seen.

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