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Probability is Granted a New Remote Gambling Licence

Probability is a major gaming company that is currently based in Alderney. This is soon set to change though, given the fact that it has been granted a remote gambling licence for Gibraltar.

A recent trading update was extremely upbeat – a rare thing in these troubled times for many businesses. It would seem that remote gambling is still an exceptionally popular pastime for many people, and Probability is reaping the rewards.

I was also intrigued to see that the methods people are using to gamble with Probability are changing with the times. Games offered on the iPhone are now accounting for a larger percentage of its income. Android also looks set to be the next big thing and Probability have accounted for this already, releasing a new app for those handsets in recent days.

It is heartening to see a business thinking strategically and reaping the rewards as such. Their move to Gibraltar will be interesting to watch; although on the outside very little will appear to be different. I can understand why remote gambling is still popular in tough times, as people want to have the thought that they can win a large amount of money to solve their problems.

Probability is just one company in this area of business that is currently doing well and bucking the normally rough trends we are seeing. There is every reason to suppose it will continue to do so in the weeks and months ahead.

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