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Not All Call Centre Jobs are Outsourced to Offshore Locations

I have read many stories over recent months about the dissatisfaction there is over the foreign call centres being used by lots of different businesses. But to say that every business is using these foreign locations would be a mistake, as I found out recently from a news report online.

Some businesses have decided to relocate their jobs in the UK after receiving less than perfect comments and viewpoints from customers who call them. Apparently 9% of companies in the private sector are looking to outsource their call centre operations to other countries during 2011, but this leaves a large proportion that will not.

I am aware that many companies have already outsourced these operations to other countries. But it is heartening to discover that some companies are staying in the UK and using the workforce here. This is particularly the case when it comes to customer facing roles.

Many people will want to feel they have safe jobs in the UK, especially since the redundancies that came in waves after the recession. Things are still far from comfortable now but at least we can be reassured that lots of companies are keeping many jobs in the country.

Perhaps the biggest point to remember is that the news tends to seize on the worst of events to publicise. Even though some companies will outsource not all of them will, and we can hope that more jobs stay within the UK as a result.

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