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The Door is Closed on Migrants into the UK for October

The UK Border Agency has seen the first evidence of what happens when a limit on the number of skilled migrants is put into place. The UK stopped accepting people who have significant skills into the country partway through the month of October, as their new limit prevented more from coming in.

The limit that has been put into place is six hundred. Once that limit is reached in a single month, no more individuals will be allowed into the country. According to the UK Border Agency they will still look at fresh applications but visas for new migrants will not be granted until the first day of the next month.

I can see one issue with this, and given the situation in the early stages it will be an issue that will become prevalent very quickly indeed. If people are still allowed to apply there will soon be a huge backlog of people applying to come to the UK. But with only six hundred visas issued per calendar month, the people joining the bottom of the list will have a very long wait to enter the country.

I agree that steps need to be taken to ensure that numbers are kept down. We are all aware of the issues surrounding people from other countries coming to live in the UK in large numbers in recent years. But if no cap is put on applications we will have a long list that just keeps getting longer.

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