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Will the Criteria for Statutory Services Remain the Same as Cuts are Made?

We all know now that councils have to make huge cuts to the services they provide, owing to the huge reduction in the amount of cash that is available for them. Our large national debt has resulted in these moves (among others) being taken, and while cuts are going to be made to various services, it was thought that statutory services would remain safe.

But as cuts of 26% are being made, some councils are taking a second look at what they call statutory services. As you may well know, statutory services are those that a council must provide. But some councils are now considering whether their criteria for ascertaining which services are statutory or not should be rethought.

I can understand the need to consider where and when the cuts should be made. No cuts will be welcome unless they are seen to be getting rid of waste. Not all cuts are ideal and some will cause upset and disappointment among residents. But when it comes to statutory services councils must tread extremely carefully. Cutting down on waste and becoming more efficient is to be applauded, but if any cuts to statutory services were to go beyond this, it could lead to controversy in many different areas.

I will be watching with interest to see how various councils handle the cuts. Until they are actually put in place and we can see what we lose in the way of services, it is difficult to gauge how hard they will be.

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