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UK Gambling Commission Encourages Open Exchanges Of Opinion

I’ve recently found myself being drawn into debates over the UK’s gambling laws and whether they support individuals/communities/businesses or a mix of each. My current stance is that I think there are still unanswered questions about role of the Gambling Commission and the impact gambling has on the community as a whole.

You may recall some of the media hype around whether the UK would get super casinos and if so, where. I’ve barely heard a peep since then. So much of the hype seems to have disappeared now that the Gambling Act 2005 has come into force.

I’ve never thought of the UK as being a gambling obsessed country. Yes, most people have a flutter here and there at the races, on the lottery or in the local pub on the quiz machines. But is this really such a bad thing? If half of the UK ended up looking like Las Vegas, we should all be up in arms but a few gambling venues across the UK can’t be that bad can they?

The question of suitability for licensing and/or management of a gambling venue/product should always be asked. But does this mean we need a whole new regulatory commission to oversee it?

It’s questions like these that are being raised in open and frank events that the Gambling Commission are running.

A kind of open door to ask the questions that have either only been muttered or said behind closed doors. Feedback from the events is that they are well worthwhile and allow for an open exchange of issues. Events are still being run across the country and participation is being encouraged.

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