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Business Inspector – on a TV near you soon!

One certainly can't seem to accuse HMRC of a lack of initiative in its attempts to maximize tax receipts. With the treasury losing an estimated £6billion a year to poor record keeping, so keen are they to impress upon businesses the need keep their books in order and maintain better records that they are sponsoring a new reality TV show 'The Business Inspector' to the tune of £370,000.

Made by Optomen Television, makers of 'Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares', the new four-part television series will be broadcast weekly on Channel Five at 8.00pm from 10 March 2010. Though HMRC is sponsoring the series, it does not feature in the programme and Five retains full editorial control. Stephen Banyard, Business Customer Unit Director at HMRC clarified that all activity adheres to the Cabinet Office sponsorship guidelines and, as with all government communications activity, is subject to strict propriety guidance.

Hot on the heels of the highly popular ‘Hotel Inspector’, The Business Inspector will see straight- talking trouble shooter Hilary Devey, Chief Executive and Chairman of The Pall-Ex Group and herself a C4 Secret Millionaire in 2008 visiting a number of struggling companies to offer her experience and business acumen. “Britain's brimming with creativity but a terrifying number of businesses go bust each year and this shouldn't be happening. I am going to teach businesses how to improve their all round business knowledge and direction, cash flow, marketing strategy and in some cases even their enthusiasm. Invaluable lessons they will never forget,” says Devey, who founded the £100m-a-year pallet distributor Pall-Ex.

Optomen's Editor for Factual Programming, Becky Clarke, commenting about the programme on the Speakers Corner website says, “Hilary Devey is like no other business woman out there. She's an amazing combination of down to earth grit coupled with an extraordinary business mind - for any small business person working with her this will be a life changing experience.”

Whether you end up learning anything new or useful about running a business, record keeping and tax or even choose watch Business Inspector through a sense of schadenfreude, the programme promises to be a fascinating and entertaining window on some of the pitfalls in running a business and the struggles that some companies face.

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