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Exports By Scottish Companies Beat The Rest Of The UK

I have long been keeping an eye on the state of British exports as an indicator of how British companies are doing since the recession took hold.  Exports are an important indicator of the economics of any country, and this data shows that Scotland appears to be performing better than the rest of the UK.

It was good news to read about the increase in exports throughout the whole of the UK, even though the figure I read about was only 0.5%.  But it is heading in the right direction at least.  However the increase from Scottish companies added up to a huge 13.4% - significantly higher than the remainder of UK businesses. Unfortunately the data does not dwell on why Scottish companies did so much better than the rest of the UK.  Some two and a half thousand Scottish companies contributed to this percentage so clearly something is going right for them.  But with that said I would have liked to see the report delve deeper into the reasons for this.

I would also be intrigued to see if the rest of the UK manages to catch up in the months to come.  The data above came from the period which runs from September to December 2009.  Whether or not it will remain steady or continue to climb as 2010 takes hold remains to be seen.

The trade deficit for the UK has also shrunk in recent months, although this does not mean it will continue to do so.  As we await the results to see which party will govern us next, many of us will be considering the best way forward for our own businesses.  If you wish to obtain professional accountancy advice, use the contact form above to contact us today. 


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