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Lib Dems Benefit from £3.5 Million in Donations from Non Doms

I have been watching the progress of the election campaigns of the main three parties with interest, and every party without exception has had their fair share of controversy to handle.  The Lib Dems have been dogged by news that four non doms have donated a total of £3.5 million pounds between them to the party.

This in itself may not prove to be a huge issue.  But the fact is that the leader of the Lib Dems, Nick Clegg, has come out publicly and stated that he does not agree with anyone who is not fully resident in the UK for tax purposes giving money to his party.

The revelation concerning these donations is particularly notable because of Clegg’s comments recently when it was discovered Lord Ashcroft was a non dom.  Lord Ashcroft has donated significant amounts to the Conservative party.  A spokesman for the Lib Dems has stated that donations were given to them by people who had “no influence on party policy or campaign strategy.”

Clearly the row over non doms is set to rage on, and it is one of the areas that is proving controversial at the moment with regard to the election campaign.  It is interesting to see how the parties can accept donations from non doms at the same time as criticising them openly for not paying tax in this country.  Whether the row over these donations to the Lib Dems will affect the strength of Nick Clegg’s campaign remains to be seen.

If you have any questions or concerns about non dom status, whether it affects you now or you are considering changing your status in the future, you may contact us here at St Matthew to receive the help and input you need.


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