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Corporation Tax in Northern Ireland Could Change Under a Conservative Government

I am eagerly awaiting the result of the General Election for many reasons, not least to see whether any tax changes would result from having a different political party in charge.

One key area I have looked at recently involves Corporation Tax in Northern Ireland.  The existing government has plans for a government paper that will explore the need and level of Corporation Tax in the region.  There is a suggestion that the Northern Ireland Executive could eventually be responsible for calculating its own Corporation Tax rates.  The Conservatives have said they will bring forward the timing of this government paper in order to resolve the issue, should they be successful in getting into power.

I have noticed that no firm plans have been made or agreed to by either the Conservatives or Labour with regard to the Corporation Tax situation in Northern Ireland.  However the suggestion that the paper could be brought forward by the Tories could well lead to a few additional votes heading in their direction.  In contrast there are other people who think this is a meaningless gesture.  It is not, after all, the paper itself that is in question – it is merely the timing of it.  Some will say this has been done to achieve more votes for the Tories and nothing else.

If your business could be affected by potential changes to the Corporation Tax in Northern Ireland, feel free to get in touch with us here at St Matthew now. You can discuss all your tax concerns with an expert adviser in complete confidence.


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