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NHS will be Protected, Promises PM

The recent weeks have been a flurry of activity in politics as manifestos from each of the main parties have been launched to a loud fanfare.  One particular section of interest concerns the health promises made by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, as he seeks to assure voters that the NHS will be protected and nurtured in the future.

Frontline services came under Labour’s gaze as the PM promised to protect these essential services for the benefit of everyone.  He also pledged that personalised care would be a reality if Labour were to win the election.  This concerns the idea of people being able to receive care in their homes rather than having to go out to hospitals and other similar venues.  This particularly points to services that are required on an ongoing basis and can be disruptive to people who are sick, such as those requiring dialysis on a regular basis.

Efficiency savings of £20 billion are on the cards for the next three years however, so while Gordon Brown said all the right things, some people are wondering whether he will be able to deliver them while such huge savings are needed.  Some experts seem to be sceptical of what the Prime Minister has promised, particularly as some front line jobs are already on the line.  I can understand such a position and an opinion, and while we all want the best for the NHS the question remains of which political party will be able to deliver the best results.

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