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Corporation Tax Cuts Would Be Good – But Less Interference in Business Would Be Better

Businesses seem to have a particular say in the upcoming election, if the reports I have read recently are to be believed.  Small businesses have had to struggle against more and more red tape over recent years, and this is something I think many business owners want to see less of.

We may be out of the recession but I think we have a long way to go before we can hope to be bouncing back the whole way.  Many small businesses want to have more long term support from the government – whoever that may be after May 6th – and at the moment they don’t feel as though they are getting it.

Some small business owners have stated they would welcome cuts in the rate of Corporation Tax and other taxes, but this is less important than taking a step back when it comes to various types of legislation.  Many businesses feel they have spent the last few years drowning in legislation.  I can see their point – many businesses have to employ someone to spend hours making sure they are complying with every last bit of legislation.  Surely it would be better to let businesses focus on what they are best at, bringing in customers, earning more money and helping the economy as a result?

It will be some time before we can see whether our choice of government on May 6th was the right one or not.  But regardless of which party gets into power, if you want to speak to a professional adviser about any aspect of your small business or tax liabilities, contact us at St Matthew now to find out more.


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