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UK Immigration Cap Has Been Agreed by the New Coalition Government

There cannot be anyone in the country that is not aware that we are now being governed by a new coalition government.  I have been reading the details of their agreed policies with interest, watching to see which areas have produced compromises and which ones have been agreed on more easily by both parties.

 Immigration has been a big issue for all the parties and one which the British people are interested in as well.  Many are worried about the increased influx of people from other countries into our own, and so this was one area of the manifestos that I was intrigued to see an answer on.  Which of the two coalition parties would get their own way here?

According to recent news reports I have read that there will now be a cap on the rate of UK immigration being experienced.  As yet there are no further details on this, so we shall have to wait and see what happens next.  However I was interested to see that the Liberal Democrats have lost their plans to hold some kind of amnesty on illegal immigration.

 So we have a rough idea of how things will progress in this area; however until we get more information to flesh out this outline, it is difficult to say what will happen and whether the measures will have any noticeable effect on immigration levels.

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