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UK Prime Minister Still Supports Immigration In The UK

I’ve been following a lot of the press releases and advertising campaigns of the major political parties lately. Not surprisingly with the general election coming up in May and the country only very recently making its way out of a recession, there is a lot of talk about immigration and whether or not it’s good for the economy.

The Prime Minister recently gave a speech on the impacts of immigration and where he saw a fair but firm policy line being drawn. It appears that Labour will continue to back their points based system which determines eligibility to enter and remain in the UK for work purposes. They have no intention of changing their policies or system if they are re-elected in May.

Personally, I’m happy with the decision as it’s a reasonably fair system based on scores for the relevant skills an applicant has i.e. the more needed the skills are in the UK, the higher the score and therefore the better the chance at securing a work visa.

The Prime Minister did concede that we as members of the public should be concerned about immigration in the UK but not to the point of being scared or afraid of speaking up about the issue. It’s a valid point to be made that we should all be aware of the situation and the impact that it can have both positively and negatively. It’s certainly going to be a heated debate throughout the lead up to the election with each of the major political parties voicing their opinions.

If you’re currently based outside of the UK and think you may be affected by any of the immigration laws that may come about from the general election, you can get in touch with one of our advisors here at St Matthew who can explore options available to you both before the election and after.

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