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Will Non Doms Be Affected by the New Coalition Government?

I have been watching the first few days of the new coalition government with great interest.  To create this government there had to be discussions, concessions and agreements on both sides.  Normally when we have an election, one party is voted in with a majority.  We can then look at their manifesto and see exactly what we should expect to come to pass in the near future.

But we don’t have that kind of situation now.  Instead we have a government composed of two parties that have had to meld their manifestos together in some way.  I recognise that in order for this to work, both parties have to make concessions and put certain policies or statements either on the back burner or even further back than that.

This has led to an interesting situation because we cannot be certain which policies will be dumped.  Non doms have been mentioned in the manifestos of both parties, but now we have a coalition there is no way of knowing whether non doms are still a potential target.

While I was writing this post the coalition deal between the Tories and the Lib Dems was published, so I made sure to scan through the basics of it to see whether there was any mention of non doms in there.  As far as I can tell, there is not.

So does this mean that non doms can breathe a sigh of relief and carry on as they have been thus far?  I would say it is still too early to tell.  But if you have questions about your own tax status you are most welcome to contact St Matthew to discuss things further.


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