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Vince Cable Has Strong Views on Non Doms

We’ve come a long way since the end of April, when Shadow Chancellor Vince Cable of the Lib Dems made an address at the annual convention of the Institute of Directors.  He probably wasn’t expecting to find himself a member of the new government once the dust settled from the election in early May.  But as a result of the new coalition he has been appointed the role of Business Secretary.

But it was at the IoD convention at the end of April that he made some notable comments about non doms.  The political parties all have their own views about non doms and whether they should be accountable for paying more taxes, but I was interested to hear what Mr Cable had to say.

His real issue seemed to be with non doms who have their say about how things are done in this country.  Referring to “billionaire tax dodgers” he said he had “no time” for those non doms who arrive in the UK from the places where they live to avoid paying UK taxes, and then proceed to voice their opinions over our tax and voting systems.

I was interested to hear such strong views from Vince Cable, although I feel he speaks for many in this sense.  Now that we have a coalition of which he is a key part, it will be interesting to see whether we have any policies that tackle the issue of non doms in any way.

If you are currently a non dom or you are looking into the possibilities offered by becoming one, you may contact us here at St Matthew for more information.


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