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ATL Amusements has Gambling Licence Suspended

As you may be aware, the UK Gambling Commission is responsible for issuing (and indeed suspending or revoking) licences to companies that wish to offer gambling to people, whether that is online or in shops and casinos.

I have read of a couple of companies who have had their licences suspended while an investigation into possible infractions takes place, and it would appear that another company has now suffered the same fate.

This time the company goes by the name of ATL Amusements.  They are also known as ATL Hire.  The statement issued by the UK Gambling Commission on this subject was fairly vague, not giving any details of what the problem may be.  The review is taking place in accordance with section 116 of the Gambling Act, and it described the suspension as an “interim measure”.

The brief press release issued to mark this event ended by stating that “the Commission will make no further comment until the review is complete.”

I reported previously on another company that is being put through a similar investigation, although of course we do not know the details of that either.  To date there has been no announcement to suggest either of these investigations is about to end, or has already done so.  I wonder whether we shall get any more information or details about the licence suspensions when the investigations do end.  Perhaps it will depend on the outcome found.

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