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NHS Bonuses Will be Slashed to Help Save £15 Million

The NHS is an important part of our country and we all want to see it offering the best services while cutting wasteful costs to a minimum.  I was interested therefore to see news reports concerning the new Government’s plans to tackle NHS bonuses in order to save millions of pounds each year.

This represents a reduction of 65%, and while it will not solve all the problems we have with the NHS, it will go a long way towards getting rid of unnecessary bonuses that are not always given according to merit.

The former Labour government arranged for 75% of senior civil servants to receive a bonus this year.  This must stand according to rules laid down by the outgoing government.  But from next year onwards only 25% of these workers will be awarded bonuses, and these would only go to those who did the work to deserve receiving them.  They will no longer be handed out as a matter of course.

In the grand scheme of things I don’t think £15 million is a huge figure for the government.  But it is substantial and I think that it gives us a firm signal that they mean to tackle the huge debt this country is in.  They are not assuming that all the facts and figures are correct; instead they are going in deep and checking everything to see where savings can be effectively made.  Public sector spending does need to be reviewed and with this new government I think it will now happen in a way that will benefit us all.

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