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UK Companies Executive Pay Rises by 6/100

The jobs market has been undeniably tough during the last year.  Many companies have sunk without trace, while others have clung on and managed to weather the worst of the storm.

But among all this doom and gloom I was fascinated to read the results of a report which looked into the amounts of pay that executives working for FTSE 100 companies are currently making.  No doubt it will make some people rather disappointed and angry.

The Pay Report was put together by the people behind the Telegraph group of newspapers.  RTF also had a role in creating the report, which revealed a 6% rise in pay on average across the FTSE 100 group of companies.

The report states that share prices rising over the past year have a lot to do with the equivalent rises in pay.  But I was amazed to see the biggest pay packet of all was £92.6 million.  Some of the huge rise in this case was down to shares, but it was still a notable amount to see.

But there is more to this picture than meets the eye.  It stated that base salaries and cash benefits of various types were lower than they had been previously.  The 6% rise in returns came from incentives that were based on shares.  This illustrates, I think, the way the markets have rebounded of late, at least for the top FTSE 100 index.

You may not have a pay packet anywhere near as large as some of those on the index, but regardless of how much you earn you want to make the most of it and reduce your tax burden.  Talk to us at St Matthew now to make sure you aren’t paying more than you need to be.


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