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Companies Cost Cutting Exercises Take Their Toll on the Health of UK Workers

I have read a lot of reports recently about the state of the UK jobs market and how we are still struggling, as a country, to lift ourselves clear of the recent recession.  But the current situation is having a knock on effect on mental health, according to a survey commissioned by the mental health charity Mind.

It would appear that even those who still have jobs are worried about how long they can keep them for.  Money worries are obviously added to this burden, making it difficult to retain a positive outlook that isn’t filled with various stressors.

From what I have read, there seems to be two main issues combining to create more problems.  Firstly there is the point that many workers are putting in overtime to appear more useful and beneficial to the companies they work for.  In addition to this many companies are still looking for ways to cut costs – and in some situations this means more job losses.

I can see how mental health issues are therefore rearing their ugly heads.  Working longer hours is going to be more stressful anyway, as you are getting less time for yourself.  And when you know there is the ever present threat of job cuts as well, some people must wonder whether each day could be their last in that job position.

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