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VAT Makes Price of iPad Soar

There has been a lot in the news recently about the new Apple iPad, I’ve noticed.  The views on how useful it is seem to be divided, but those who are positive about it are no doubt waiting to buy one when it first becomes available in the UK.

However according to reports I have read recently, it would appear that some are not happy about the price they will need to pay to get their hands on this tablet computer.  There are six different versions of the iPad from what I can gather, with three different sizes available as far as memory is concerned.  You can also buy the iPad with or without 3G.  All of them are Wi-Fi enabled however.  The prices will range from £429 to £699 when the iPad is finally released in the UK.

Those in the know have done their research and stated that British consumers will have to pay around 25% more than US buyers to get exactly the same product.  The reason for this is the VAT that will be added to the product.

I can see why people would be disappointed with such a circumstance.  However perhaps we should be grateful that the rate of VAT has not yet gone up from the existing 17.5% level.  While the new Prime Minister David Cameron has not stated there will be a rise in VAT, many experts think it could well happen.

In any event British consumers will be paying more to get their hands on an iPad, even if VAT stays the same.  Whether you are interested in buying one or not, remember that St Matthew is always here to help you out with all your tax matters.


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