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UK Businesses in Poultry Industry are Experiencing Hard Times

I have been watching the world of business with interest over recent months, as we gradually move out of the recession.  Even though the recession was said to be over quite some time ago, it is still the case that we have lots of businesses that are barely managing to continue.

A classic example is the state of the poultry industry in the UK at the moment.  More specifically it is the smaller businesses that are suffering, which is a situation I have seen occurring in other industries as well.

The main problem is that smaller businesses do not have the same cushion to fall back on as the bigger companies do.  When times are tight – as they have been for some time now – they are always much closer to trouble and to outright bankruptcy than larger businesses are.

A company of market analysts have identified nearly one hundred UK businesses in this sector as being in danger of going under.  Even if they are bought out by larger businesses it is very likely they will be drastically underpriced as a result.

I should say though that a similar pattern can be borne out in many industries and sectors at the moment.  Larger companies are always more likely to be able to cut back and find new lines of credit when they need them.  For small companies, the idea of cutting back may simply not be possible.  We can now see this in the poultry industry.

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