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Ladbrokes Online Licence Does Not Extend to the Dutch

I have been interested to read about the court case between Ladbrokes and the Dutch gaming authorities of late and particularly interested to read about the outcome.  For those who are not aware, Ladbrokes originally took bets from Dutch gamblers online, but was prevented from doing so by a court injunction when Dutch authorities intervened.

This case has been going on for seven years, so no doubt Ladbrokes will be disappointed to have lost.  They acknowledged that their gaming licence was issued in the UK, but said that they believed they could also trade as part of the EU.  The announcement of the judgement in this court case has since proved they were wrong to think this.

I think the main point to consider here is that gaming licences are not uniform across the whole of the EU.  This means that each country is responsible for considering whether or not a company can trade and attract bets online from a company based in another country.  I feel cases like this could continue if a level playing field is not brought into play at some stage.

The issue brought up by John O’Reilly.  He is the managing director of this section of the Ladbrokes business which deals with online gaming.  Basically he stated that it was unfair for Ladbrokes not to be able to take bets from Dutch customers, when Dutch betting sites could take bets from UK customers.  I have to say I agree with him; it is not proper and fair business sense.

In any event, the experts here at St Matthew can advise you on all matters pertaining to tax and business rules here in the UK .

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