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Could Bingo and Online Gaming Soon Have New Rules to Adhere to?

There has always been some controversy over the rules governing online gaming and gambling.  But now the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has met up with the Gambling Commission to discuss the possibility of introducing new rules surrounding the industry.

The main bone of contention seems to be legislation relating to overseas operators advertising their services in the UK.  The current licensing laws in relation to remote gambling could therefore be changed on a profound basis.  No doubt all the companies who could be affected will be watching closely to see what happens.

I am all for proper regulation of online gaming in all its many forms. Perhaps the most encouraging part of this process has been the fact that a feasibility report has been commissioned as well.

This means that the changes which have been mooted are going to receive feedback from those directly involved in the industry before any steps are taken.  Clearly those in both the DCMS and the Gambling Commission want to be sure that the measures they decide on are going to be good for the long term.  I don’t think they have any intentions of making life more difficult for those in the business, hence the report and discussion with those in the industry to ensure the best solution is reached.

I shall be watching with interest to see where this leads, and what becomes of the proposed changes.  The ever increasing popularity of online gaming has been the catalyst for these changes, and they are probably long overdue.

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