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Non Dom Titles May Be Lost, According to No 10

Non doms are never too far from the news, it seems.  Since the new government took office I have been watching developments in this area with interest, to see how the coalition will tackle the issue of non doms in this country.

The latest development concerns the fact that non doms who live abroad are still allowed to use the title of Lord or Baroness.  The peers who have come under scrutiny in this way are those who have forfeited their seats in the House of Lords in order that they may keep their non dom status.  As such many feel they should also give up their right to be called a Lord or Baroness, and now it would appear that the government is going to set this right.

Five peers would be affected by this move and many feel it is overdue in coming.  One example is of Lord Foster, who now lives in Switzerland.  Personally I would agree with this move to change the rules so that titles given as part of the conditions of sitting in the House of Lords are taken away if a person leaves the Lords and the country as well.

The present government is intending to reform the House of Lords during the next few years that it is in power.  It may not be the most immediate task to hand, but it is clear that they will tackle the problem before too long.

In the meantime, if you should have any concerns or queries about your own tax status within the UK, you are most welcome to contact us at St Matthew for help and advice.


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