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Asylum Seekers Receive £13 Million they were no Longer Entitled

Many of us feel strongly in some way about asylum seekers in the UK.  The UK Border Agency was created in order to keep Britain’s borders secure and monitored at all times.  But it would now appear that it has lost £13 million over a two year period because systems to prevent incorrect payments did not work as they should have done.

£9.6 million of that total was given away in the year 2008/09, while £3.5 million was lost in the following year.  According to what I have read, once a decision is made for asylum support to be withdrawn, the payments should automatically stop.  But this has not happened in many cases, and this is what has led to the enormous overpayment in favour of some asylum seekers.

In addition to this there has been further news that some staff members at the UK Border Agency have been overpaid for various reasons.  The incorrect payments in this area have added up to £4.3 million.

I suspect the government will not be happy at this enormous waste of cash, especially since they are working hard to ensure no money is wasted at a time when the national debt needs to be addressed.  I will be interested to see how future measures are brought in to ensure this scale of errors does not happen again.

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