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Essential Services to be Protected, Says Oxfordshire County Council

I have been watching closely to see how local councils have been taking the news that major cutbacks will need to be performed in the near future.  Everyone is aware that the national debt is one of the most important things to focus on at the moment.  We need to work at reducing this debt if the country is to really get back on its feet after the recession.

But obviously there are concerns over how this will impact frontline services.  This was noted recently in a series of cutbacks that are being planned by Oxfordshire County Council.  This council is not alone either – a similar situation is being played out presently in many other regions of the UK.

Keith Mitchell, the county council leader in Oxfordshire, stated that while nothing was ‘sacred’ he would make sure that ‘essential’ services would be protected.  Proposed cuts have totalled millions of pounds – and this is just under one council.

I recognise the difficulty in having to decide which projects and services will have to have cuts made.  But the main worry is in the distinction between frontline services and essential services.  Where does one make the distinction here?

Judging by the comments made about the cuts, it seems that many less vital services will be cut severely.  This council alone is looking to cut the jobs of a quarter of the managers it employs, thus adding to the pool of people looking for new work since the recession hit.

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