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Vital Services of all Kinds are Capable of Saving Lives

There have been some news reports recently that focus on some essential services that would not count as statutory services – those services that must be provided and as such are protected from any such cuts that are to be made.

Some examples that have come forward from these reports include rape and crisis services and centres in Scotland. Many women are helped by these services on an annual basis, and people who work in this field are worried that if funding disappears due to the constraints of budgets, many women won’t get the help they so desperately need.

It is always worrying when services are cut back or disappear altogether. I am concerned that there will indeed be some people who will fall through the cracks if services in some areas cease to be provided. There will of course be casualties of the cuts when they are made, but it feels uncomfortable to think that essential services such as these could disappear. This is particularly the case when it is known that they do save lives.

We must wait and see what the outcome of these cuts will be. In the meantime those involved in providing the services are campaigning for their future.

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