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Former Tory Non Dom Gives Up Forthcoming Treasurer Role

There are always surprises and shocks in store in any government, but few were expecting the sudden resignation announcement by David Rowland in recent weeks.

Mr Rowland was originally assigned to help raise funds for the Tories. But although his appointment was not yet due to start, the former non dom has decided to reject the role after all.

According to reports, Mr Rowland stated his decision was based on his ‘developing business interests’. Those interests will apparently not afford him the time he needs to properly take on the role of Treasurer for the Tories.

This kind of announcement is always embarrassing for any sitting government. David Cameron has already come in for some criticism concerning some of the business people he has contacts with, and it would seem as if his connections to David Rowland could be equally as embarrassing.

Some may think that Mr Rowland’s decision to step down from his forthcoming job is a wise one. His previous non dom status has led to headlines being made and if he had started in the job it would no doubt have caused much in the way of controversy.

I have always been intrigued to read about reactions to non doms; it is understandable that some people would be irritated about where they stand in relation to the tax they pay. But this bit of backtracking is interesting to think about. I also wonder who will take the job on now.

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