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RGA Disappointed at Lack of Support for Legalising all Forms of Gambling on the Internet

Casinos and other gambling sites are quite prevalent on the internet, but it does not mean that all types of gambling are allowed in this respect. I was intrigued to read a recent case concerning the availability of several forms of gambling in Holland. The case stated that after discussion, it had been decided to allow poker to be introduced into play there. But no other forms of online gambling would be allowed.

A spokesman for the RGA – Remote Gambling Association – made it clear that it was disappointed not to see Holland moving in the same direction as some other European countries. Denmark was pointed out as a good example, as it is a country where lots of different forms of gambling are allowed online. The only provision – understandably enough – is that they should be regulated in the proper way.

I feel it will be some time yet before Holland and some other European countries catch up with the more advanced ones when it comes to online gambling. There are many sites located in other countries that can be accessed by European players, but it is a shame that there is so much variation between countries in this respect.

I will be watching closely to see whether there are any further developments in the field in the months to come. The RGA will certainly be pushing for more forms of gambling to be introduced on European websites, but the process for doing so could take some time.

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