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Steel Company Revival Set to Take Place in Teeside

Revival is a word that is always encouraging when it is used in business circles. At the moment we have some positive news coming from Teeside, where the steel industry looks set to be revived in the near future.

I was delighted to hear that Corus and SSI seem to have come to an agreement over the future of the steel making plant in the Teeside area. It may still be a few months before the sale goes through properly, but needless to say it is still a very positive time for the company.

It is a situation where many jobs look set to be saved instead of being lost at a time when finding another job could be difficult. I think it is a very positive sign for the UK as a whole that Corus has managed to come to an agreement with SSI – a Thai run company – to keep the plant going for the future. Steel making is inherent to this area and it is reassuring to see it being able to continue.

Businesses of all kinds are going through many different changes as a result of the recession and the changes in working situations in the UK. Many people working for Corus thought their livelihood and futures were on the line when the plant was originally mothballed. It may take a few months for production to get underway once again, but the fact that it looks set to do so means that these people do have a future.

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