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Plenty of Advice and Information is Available for New Businesses Liable for Corporation Tax

Here at St Matthew we often deal with businesses that have to pay Corporation Tax.  The most important stage of all is when a business first has to pay the tax; once everything is set up it does become easier to cope with it on an ongoing basis.

But at these early stages I think it is vitally important that businesses have access to the best information about Corporation Tax available.  The best place to go for this is the HMRC website.  There is a section dedicated to the tax there, with several easy to access parts that explain what Corporation Tax is all about.

Of course a qualified accountant will be able to advise you on this as well.  But I also think it is worthwhile to know where this information is regarding Corporation Tax.  It means any business person or company director can refer to it as and when they need to.

The first part of the section deals with those businesses that have to pay Corporation Tax.  Some people seem to be unsure whether their business qualifies or not; this section will put paid to any uncertainty.

But I was particularly pleased to see a section focusing on the need to keep on top of the cash flow of a business that needs to pay this tax.  Cash flow is important for all businesses of course, but if you are liable to pay Corporation Tax you need to be sure you have the right amount of money available at the right time to pay it.

If you require any input or advice regarding Corporation Tax, contact St Matthew now for impartial and confidential assistance.


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