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Start-Up Britain - Mixed Reviews

Start-Up Britain, the coalition governments new entrepreneurial initiative is now well under way. As the UK's pro-growth business agenda takes its hopeful steps towards full economic recovery, the initiative already appears to have its critics.

Robert Ashton, Managing Director of the credit card company Ethecol and author of the book "How To Start Your Own Business" has been pessimistic in his response to the governments aims and objectives. Ashton, who is also founder of the Norfolk Community Foundation is quoted as saying: "..Start-Up Britain is little more than a catalogue of deals you could easily find by yourself". He goes on: "Quite frankly, if a business starter can't make their own choice about the kind of resources that are available from this 'government supported web-site', they don't stand much chance of success".

By way of balance, the initiative appears to have got off to a lively start, particularly among the entrepreneurial classes. Two companies have recorded marked increases in internet search traffic. Internet heavy hitters, Google claim a 60% (from last year) increase in the use of the search term "business plan UK". The search term "small business loan" is also up 34% in the same period. The credit-check company, Experian also claim a 50% increase in business information traffic on last year. This is said to be good news as there is normally a lull in this type of search activity as the financial year draws to a close.

Prime Minister Cameron is also very optimistic about StartUp Britain and what the initiative can achieve. He says: "We need to see a country where new businesses are starting up on every street, in every town; where entrepreneurs are everywhere.

We put out a call to business to rise up and help us drive the recovery and StartUp Britain is part of the answer to that call."


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