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IT companies aiding Startup Britain campaign 

The coalition governments' "Startup Britain" campaign which aims to encourage business entrepreneurship and new company start up has received a welcome boost from a number of large blue chip internet and electrical technology companies.

Amongst the 62 companies that have pledged support are Hewlett Packard, BlackBerry, Fujitsu and internet giants Microsoft and Google. As previously reported, the campaign has received mixed reviews but these globally renowned companies clearly add substance to the governments campaign.  

These companies are offering varying degrees of support including free and reduced rate advertising, discounted products and services and  start-up business mentoring. Google are offering new start-ups "Adwords" to the value of £30 and Microsoft has confirmed that it will provide training to 5000 new start-up companies. The Microsoft training will include products worth up to £400 and advice on how to use technology to boost  both marketing and business.

Fujitsu are offering a package which is reported to be worth about £2500 to the average Small & Medium Enterprise (SME's). Their cloud-based IT services are being offered to business start-ups with a 10% discount (for the first year) and an initial 30 day free trial if companies sign by 15 July 2011.

Chancellor George Osborne described these measures as "welcome" and coupled with his budget changes, he hopes this will invigorate the science and technology innovation industries in the UK. 

Research and Development (R&D) will see tax breaks in both this year and next. Tax credits for small and medium-sized enterprises in this field are set to be enhanced. The March 2011 budget has provided additional qualifying expenditure deductions, up from 75% to 100%. From next year the qualifying deductions are increased by a further 25% to 125% thus giving a total deduction of 225%. Mr Osborne has also scrapped the £10,000 minimum expenditure requirement.

Another government response to the  pledges of support is the introduction of a new online initiative. This will see SME companies putting forward their ideas on how government can be run with less cost and more efficiency. Civil Servants will then select the best ideas and put those winning individuals and companies forward for mentoring by the UK's top entrepreneurs and business leaders. 

There is support available if you are ready to make that leap. Thinking of starting a company in the UK? Do you already have a product or service but you just need to get your operations started? If so please go to St Matthew e-accountants. Our website is www.stmworldwide.com/readymade-uk-limited-company    


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