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Entrepreneur set for a healthy profit

Central London workers with the health craze and the square mile chief executives with expanding waistlines will be boosted by the news that Pod, the "healthy fast food" company have received a £3.5 million cash injection this week. The growth funding will see this small company open an additional 16 shops throughout London. This comes following the success of their shop in Central London.

With people  increasingly frustrated at the lack of healthy food choices, particularly in the London Square Mile, founder of the company, Tim Hall has clearly found himself a winning recipe. The Pod menu is specially developed by dieticians and food nutritionists with ingredients categorised as "super-foods".

Mr Hall's back story is worthy of mention in that he is former consultant to the Motor industry who launched the Pod business following a coronary scare at the tender age of 33. As doctors assisted him through his health difficulties, Hall became somewhat frustrated at the lack of healthy culinary choices. Through this he developed the idea and the market for the "Pod" chain. Hall's ambition is to take the company nationwide.

Pod funding is partly comprised of £1 million from the government sponsored Enterprise Guarantee Scheme. The balance was raised via a private equity firm.

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