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Top company advice to Non - Domiciled

Following a recent survey by AON Consulting, less than 50% of Briton's see the United Kingdom as their preferred retirement home. As a response to this, a top finance company has issued "tax intelligence" guidance which is likely to maximise income and minimise tax burdens.  

World renowned, AXA Wealth International has recently produced a range of articles and documents as a direct response to Independent Financial Advisors (IFA's) calls for improvement and development in this area. It is felt that this tax intelligence guidance will help individuals who may be giving thought to retiring abroad. This type of information, presented in this way, has never before been available.

In co-operation with Deloitte Private Client Services Ltd, AXA Wealth have produced the information based on current legislation and practices as regards the taxation of people who invest in Life Assurance Bonds and who intend to live in Portugal, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Malta and Cyprus.

The guidance provides very specific information on the tax liabilities for off-shore bonds in the countries listed above. In the past this kind of information has been both difficult and costly to obtain. It has also resulted in huge responsibilities being place on the customer or client. 

Richard Leeson, Sales and Marketing Director, AXA Wealth International, said: “In the past there has been a lack of readily available information for IFAs looking to advise clients who want to retire abroad. This sort of document has never been available before, and we are pleased to be able to offer our advisers a unique service – providing regularly updated tax information on the most popular overseas retirement locations for Brits.”

This kind of information has always been available at St matthew e-accountants. For help in making the right choice check out http://www.stmworldwide.com/non-domiciled-taxation

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