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Entrepreneurs bold claim 

An online start-up company have issued a bold and innovative challenge to the UK government. Businesslink.co.uk is the government's online business support service. The governments own figures state that the service costs £35 million a year to run. The online group purchasing company, Huddlebuy have stated that if they aquired the site and its services, it would save the government 100% of the cost. Their idea is to transform businesslink into an online small business community, working in a similar way to "facebook" or the increasingly popular "twitter". The site is likely to be user generated but will also host editorial content from marketing gurus, accountants, lawyers and other professional bodies. 

During an event called the Innovation Launch Pad, a Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) forum, Huddlebuy co-founder Mr Sourav Chopra is quoted as saying  "We envision Business Link to be transformed into an online small business community run by the community and for the community, where the community benefits from its collective wisdom and buying power."

 Mr Sourav has a very clear vision. He is quoted as saying: "By transforming Business link into an online small business community, we also create the largest small business buying group in the UK, allowing the community to buy quality goods and services at big company pricing,". He goes on: "Suppliers also benefit as they are able to target small businesses in a much more cost-effective way." Huddlebuy have formally requested (from the government) the rights to operate and manage business link. They would charge the government nothing if they agreed to the request.  

The government have yet to respond at this time but have announced the closure of some business link offices in the UK regions. These closures take place in November and will be replaced by a national website and a UK call centre. To offer a more personal touch, the government have also announced a national mentor network. 

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